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"To improve the lives of the rural people in Ghana"

In Ghana, 51% of the workforce is engaged in agriculture. However, the income of agricultural workers is relatively low.

Therefore, we contribute to increasing agricultural productivity in Ghana by working with local farmers on productive farming and by lending agricultural machinery to local farmers.


Create Tamale Model

We aim to build successful examples of agricultural businesses and community revitalization where the land is thin and agricultural productivity is low. We desire to serve as a role model and spread the project in Ghana and further afield.

Our Area

Our Head office is Tamale, Ghana, the largest city in the north of the country, located approximately 430 km in a straight line from the capital Accra.


The northern part of Ghana is less developed than the south in terms of industries such as manufactories and services. Furthermore, the north cannot produce commodity crops such as cocoa and pineapple due to climatic conditions.


Therefore, when comparing the Northern and Southern regions of Ghana, the income in the north is relatively low, and in the rural areas, half of the population live on less than USD 1.9 a day.


Our Project




With a total of 200 acres of land under its control The main cereals in Ghana are Maize, Rice and Soya beans.


​ Agricultural Machinery


Owned machine:  

Combine harvesters: 2

Tractor :  1

Our team

Our Team


Ayuba Ahmed Muin

Executive Director

Born in northern Ghana.

While working as a politician, he joined the NGO, NORGAVO (Northern Ghana Volunteers) in 2006 to formulate program aimed at improving people's lives.

He participated in the establishment of SORNEP, an orphanage in Tamale, and became the school's regional coordinator.

He speaks a lot on radio, advocating for the eradication of poverty and better living conditions for all.


Keitai Tsuchihashi


He founded the student organization "Share Step with Ghanaian Children" to support the independence of orphanages in Eastern region in Ghana.

He also wrote his master thesis on crop distribution in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

With experience in finance, accounting and marketing, she is in charge of accounting and business planning.




Company Profile

Company Name: KAMBANG Farms and Supplies.

Executive Director : Ayuba Ahmed Muin

​Headquarters: Tamale, Ghana

Capital: 716,000GHS

Established: 2016

​Corporate registration: 2019

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